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Will I be able to
meditate successfully?

Yes, anyone can do Vedic Meditation. It's suitable for all personalities and abilities. You don't need to follow a particular lifestyle, and you can meditate anywhere as long as you can sit and close your eyes. No special room, complete silence, or props are required.

I've tried other meditation techniques and it's been too difficult. How is Vedic Meditation different?

Vedic Meditation is known for being an effortless technique. Most types of meditation require concentration or contemplation, which keeps the mind active. In Vedic Meditation, we spontaneously de-excite the mind and body by correctly and effortlessly using the personalized mantra given in the course. The result is reaching deep levels of rest and bliss, which, in turn, releases all accumulated stress.

How fast will I feel the benefits?

People report feeling happier, calmer, having more energy, and experiencing better clarity within the first week of learning Vedic Meditation. Actually, a lot of people feel this way right after their first meditation.

Is this religious?

No, people of all races and religions practice Vedic MeditationIt's a technique that provides immediate and sustained benefits by allowing the mind and body to rest and release stress.

What is the relationship between Vedic Meditation, and “Transcendental Meditation,” as taught and promoted by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi?

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was a revered spiritual teacher from the Shankaracharya lineage of the Vedic tradition.


I teach Vedic Meditation and was trained to teach this form of meditation by Thom Knoles. Thom was trained as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation (TM) by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Maharishi), and taught it for over 25 years with organizations affiliated with Maharishi. Since 1997, Thom has continued to teach this meditation as he learned it from Maharishi, and has done so independently and separately from the TM organizations, using the terms “Vedic Meditation".

Thom Knoles trained me to teach meditation as Thom was trained to teach meditation by Maharishi. I teach Vedic Meditation independently and separately from TM organizations, and I'm not affiliated with those organizations. 

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